Mrs. Friendly Isle Moloka'i


Desirae Cabalar

Mrs. Friendly Isle Moloka’i

Desirae Cabalar was born and raised on the island of Molokai. Molokai – known for its untouched beauty and aloha-spirit filled people – struggles with unemployment and poverty. In her younger years, Desirae overcame much adversity becoming the first and only of her siblings to date to graduate high school and pursue a college degree. Defying all odds, she remained on Molokai where she married her best friend and husband of 3 years Edwin Mendija. Together, the couple remained on Molokai to invest their talents in underprivileged Molokai youth. Aside from being Sunday school teachers and youth leaders, Desirae and Edwin run the Molokai VEX IQ League as well as mentor multiple High School and Elementary level Robotics programs. Desirae owns and operates numerous businesses enabling her to provide financial support in Molokai’s unstable economy.

In 2020, Desirae launched her campaign, “Flourish Where You’re Planted”. The campaign works with Middle-High-school level students to highlight Molokai residents doing good things in their community, in an effort to inspire younger generations to chase their dreams no matter how impossible it may seem. Through this campaign, she founded the “Go Green, Get Green Scholarship”, which provides a graduating Molokai Senior with finances to attend any college or trade school in exchange for supporting a Molokai business in becoming more environmentally friendly.

Desirae hopes that through the Mrs Hawaii America Organization she will be able to inspire others throughout the state to follow suite in their own communities.

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