Mrs. West Oahu


Lalaine White

Mrs. West Oahu

Ala White is strong, confident and a woman with a big heart. If you do not see her working out in her garage, she will be out and about with the clients and making them feel beautiful inside/out and getting ready for their big event. As a freelance make up artist she was able to balance her time with her career and family. Luckily she is married to the most supportive and loving husband (Bestfriend). They’re blessed with 4 amazing children. She also wants to use her experiences throughout her life that made her for who she is now: a strong woman to support and promote women’s wellness to fight breast cancer and women empowerment to stop domestic violence.

Ala has been a representative of our state from another prestigious pageant to compete in Nationals and placed runner up. She never thought that she would participate in a pageant again, but she believes that every woman is beautiful in their own way that age, height, measurement, and race are not a factor to be queen! She is definitely proud to be part of this amazing journey in Mrs. Hawaii.

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